Tomatoes and chilli expensive in Pakistan

Tomatoes and chilli expensive in Pakistan

Futura Mirchi Bombs in Pakistan, worth reaching 400 rupees, Tomato too angry in ‘Lal’

In Pakistan, the price of green chilli and tomato is skyrocketing, the tomatoes cross 400 rupees per kg.

Chirchi bombs have burst on people in Pakistan. The price of pepper has crossed 400 rupees per kg. The tomatoes are also touching the sky. At the same time, the government is also financing due to not selling these two vegetables to the traders.

Tomatoes and chilli expensive in Pakistan:

Chilli expensive in Pakistan

Such situation

Since the terrorist attack on February 14 in Pulwama, India has imposed 200% duty on export of all types of vegetables. In such a situation, the budget of the kitchen has worsened for the people of Pakistan.

Tomatoes worth Rs 24

Since the supply of vegetables has been stopped by India, where the tomato sold at Rs 24 per year was sold at Rs 200 per kg this time. The condition is that tomatoes are slowly disappearing from the shops. This is because its buyers have reduced considerably.

Green chilly cooked

Like tomato green chillies have become even more acrimonious for the Pakistanis. In 2018, the price of chilli was less than Rs 100, but in one month the price of chilli crossed 400 rupees per kg. The chilly from the vegetable shops has completely disappeared.

Government is imposing penalties

At the same time, the Imran government is imposing a penalty on not selling these two vegetables to traders selling vegetables. But there is no action on the stalwarts in the wholesale markets. The government has fixed a rate for these two items.

The penalty is to sell fruit and vegetables at a higher price than that. In Pakistan, tomatoes and green chillies are supplied from Sindh and Baluchistan province other than India. However, in both of these provinces, the crop has become quadrupled due to rain.


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