The world’s largest aircraft successfully land, know its speed

World's largest aircraft

The world’s largest aircraft flew to California for the first time in a test. This aircraft has six Boeing 747 engines and it is so large that its wings are more than a football field. The aircraft maker StraitLunch said Saturday that a double-designated aircraft on Saturday successfully flown from the Mojave Air and Space Port at 6.58 PM (local time) on Saturday morning. During this, while receiving a maximum speed of 189 miles (302.4 km) per hour, the plane took 2.5 hours to the height of 17,000 feet in the Mojave Desert.

After a successful trial, company CEO Jean Floyd said, “How wonderful the first flight was. This success will further enhance our mission of providing a flexible alternative to ground launch system. We are extremely proud of the team, flight team, and our partners, who make it. “Meanwhile, the American space agency NASA also termed the successful flight of the aircraft as a milestone.

The world’s largest aircraft successfully land

NASA scientist Thomas Jürbchen said that it is like going beyond the end of the space and beyond. Wish Paul Allen could see this. Significantly, Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen founded Straatolunch in 2011 with the aim of developing a larger carrier aircraft as a flight launch pad for the orbital class rocket.

Used to carry and leave rockets in space

This aircraft has been built to carry rockets in space and leave it there. Actually, this rocket will help the satellites reach their orbit in space. At present, satellites are sent to the classroom with the help of takeoff rockets. In comparison, this option would be better for reaching satellites to orbit.


5 million pounds is the weight of the aircraft

Length of aircraft is 238 feet

385 feet wingspan

The world’s largest aircraft successfully land


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