The four questions raised Kohli’s sleep

The four questions raised Kohli's sleep

These four questions arise Kohli’s sleep, India can not win World Cup without finding answers

About three weeks ago, if anyone was asked who would be the finalist of the World Cup 2019, then one of the two names would have been of Team India. But after the Australia tour of India, the war of world Cup has become very interesting. Before the World Cup, starting on May 30, India lost their last series to Australia.

Now there is the talk of Australia’s strong backing, but at the same time, the Indian team has come under the scanner. After all, what are the questions which are impossible to win Team India’s World Cup without finding answers?

  1. The Indian team has done so many experiments for the World Cup that it is proving the same tragedy. So far, 10 players have been tried in the fourth order from the last World Cup, but so far the breaks of this series have not been found.
  2. Apart from MS Dhoni, the search for the other wicketkeeper is still on. Regardless of giving a chance, Rishabh Pant is coming frustrated. In such a situation, the IPL starting on 23rd March will know only who will get the World Cup ticket to be held in England?
  3. The third and most important question itself is the IPL itself, which surely will decide one or two slots. If any player is injured in the IPL starting from 23rd March, then it will be frozen directly on the World Cup campaign.
  4. The fifth and final thing is whether Virat Kohli will ask the BCCI to reduce the workload and the burden of the busy schedule on the players as the players are not able to make it difficult under the pressure of the franchise team in the IPL and organizing the World Cup. Right after the IPL itself will start.

The four questions raised Kohli’s sleep


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