Pentagon’s statement came in an American report with F-16 fighter aircraft, no information about such investigations


The Pentagon (head of the United States Department of Defense) said on Friday that he did not know about any such investigation, which was formed to find out that Pakistan lost its F-16 fighter plane to the 27 February or No. This statement of the Pentagon is exactly the opposite of that report, in which, without the identity of the Defense officials, it has been said that Pakistan has not lost its F-16 fighter aircraft.

On Thursday, the American journal ‘Foreign Policy’ published this news. The magazine had written that the US has counted the F-16 aircraft present with Pakistan. In this it has come to know that none of the aircraft is low. The magazine had said this by quoting two senior U.S. officials of the Defense Department. The identity of these officers was not reported in this report.

According to the report of Hindustan Times, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense says, “The department does not know about any such investigation.”

When the department was asked the question whether it will reject the report or confirm it, then he kept himself away from the report. The department says, “We can not say anything publicly about the agreements with the government’s second government.”

On this case, the Indian Air Force says, “The MiG-21 Bison aircraft of the Indian Air Force killed an F-16 during the airstrikes in the Naushera sector.”

The Air Force said that he has evidence about this. The magazine has made this claim when India has kept the pieces of the missile missile fired by the F-16 on February 28 in front of the United States.

It is noteworthy that after the terrorist attack on the convoy of CRPF on February 14 in Pulwama, the Indian Air Force had dropped bombs at terrorist training camps in Balakot, Pakistan. After this action of India, the Pakistani Air Force attacked India’s military establishment. The IAF responded by retarding the Pakistani Air Force.

India had dropped Pakistan’s F-16 fighter aircraft. When the US sold Pakistan an F-16 fighter aircraft, it was said that it would not use it against any country while it used it against India.

The US had told Pakistan when it sold F-16 that it would use it only against terror and for its own self-defense. Even if he has to use it against any country, it will have to get approval from the US first.


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