3000 kg garbage removed from Mount Everest

3000 kg garbage removed from Mount Everest

3000 kg garbage removed from Mount Everest, target to clean 10 tonnes of garbage.

The team, led by Nepal and local government, has taken away three thousand kilograms of solid waste for the cleaning campaign on Mount Everest. Of this, two thousand kilograms of Okhalunga district and one thousand kilograms of garbage have been brought from Kathmandu through Nepalese helicopters.

According to Dandu Raj Ghimire, Director General of Nepalese Department of Tourism, the goal of compiling 10 tonnes of garbage collection from the world’s highest peak in the 45-day cleanliness drive launched on April 14 It is estimated to cost 2 crores 32 lakh Nepali rupees.

Ghimire said that the cleaning team reached the base camp of Everest and the cleaning campaign has started. So far four bodies have been found. Climbers are also part of this cleaning campaign along with Nepali army.

It is interesting to note that hundreds of climbers, Sherpa, etc. leave Everest every year, leaving biological and abrasive waste, which is accumulating a lot of dirt on top of the world. Estimates of the climbing of 500 foreign mountaineers and more than 1,000 assistant workers in this session.

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